Wednesday, December 2

Xbox avatar pets available December 3rd

The dogs are about to be let out (awesome pun) today when a new and cuddly partner comes to join your Xbox avatar.

Major Nelson stated yesterday that you will now be able to buy yourself an animal buddy accessory for 240 Microsoft Points ($3) each ranging from animals such a large dog, pug dog, cat, Siamese cat, long haired cat, goldfish, monkey, bird, snake, pony, and for the few of you out there that strive to be like Paris Hilton, a purse dog.

Is it just a coincidence that these pet items are following in the wake of the recently announced 'Chocobo' item being used to promote Final Fantasy XIII? Probably, but we don't see why these items can't be put to good use.

I can see it now, an avatar game where you can level up and battle your pets for Xbox Live supremacy. Come on Microsoft, make it happen.

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