Wednesday, December 2

Gearbox seeking people to work on "super secret project"

Gearbox creative director Mike Neumann has some interesting info that you just might be interested in, that is if you have the skills for the job.

"Gearbox is hiring for all kinds of stuff, including a super secret project that I'm working on!" he tweeted overnight.

Get you butt over to the website and go job hunting!

12/02/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. I am calling it this is a Halo game. I can't say how I know it is but it is either a remake of Halo Combat Evolved or Halo 4. I have said to much already and after Halo Reach comes out you will find out about this game.

    So you will want to look forward to this game.

  2. It might be Borderlands 2? Never know