Monday, October 18

Insomniac Boss: “Resistance 3 Will Be The Best Game We’ve Ever Done”

We've been receiving a lot of details from Insomniac Games upcoming PS3 exclusive, Resistance 3. From details that informs us of Hale's death, to the return of the popular weapons wheel from Resistance: Fall of Man.

Many fans complained about the second installment, but Ted Price, Insomniac Games boss, told the latest issue of EGM magazine, (via gamesthirst)that Resistance 3 will be the best game they've ever done.

“Resistance 3 is a three-year project and it’s already benefiting from that enormously,” Price said when asked by EGM magazine if they were taking more time with the third installment of the popular franchise.

“We took all those lessons and criticism from Resistance 2 to heart, and applied them to Resistance 3 and I think it will be the best game we’ve ever done.”

The game comes out next year exclusively for the PS3.


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