Wednesday, October 6

“We Made Most Of Our Mistakes On Heavenly Sword,” Says Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory must be excited about the prospects of their new game. Enslaved: Odyssey To The West hits the U.S. tomorrow and Europe on the 8th of this month, and I can’t begin to imagine how twisted they must feel: Excited and Nervous.

Those mixed emotions are not a result of the lack of development skills, however, because according to studio boss Tameem Antoniades, they’ve been battle scarred and “hardened”. According to him, they “made most of the mistakes [they] had to make during Heavenly Sword”.

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  1. im a 360 gamer,got a ps3 to play a couple of games
    uncharted,lbp,heavenly sword and killzone 2
    completed it and it was hard as hell but one of the best games,beaten by uncharted 2 just,but killzone 2 was the 1st game where i was wow most of time.
    not got ps3 no more as i was skint and had to sell it,but killzone 2 is awesome,if someone says it sucks they a sad fanboy


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