Wednesday, July 15

Modern Warfare 2 ‘Hardened Edition’ It’s $80

Are you planning on buying your wife or girlfriend any gifts come this holiday season? You should. You can’t put video games before your lady; that’s what you’ve been doing eh? Well sadly that trend won’t stop because if my calendar is right, there won’t be enough cash for the most of us to go buying all of this… (I’ll be getting the Hardened Edition mind you) but what about my wife’s new laptop? How’s it on your side? You might have to sacrifice some games this fall, or sacrifice your relationship that is unless your lady is a gamer.

Steel case, night vision goggles, an art book and Call of Duty Classic on XBLA or PSN all for $80, the info was released by Infinity Ward spokesman Robert Bowling via twitter.

One more thing, look carefully at the Hardened box, did you notice anything missing? Look harder, there’s no Call of Duty in sight; just Modern Warfare 2. Confusing to say the least.

07/15/09 Ernice Gilbert

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