Tuesday, September 22

Batman: Arkham Asylum ships 2.5 million worldwide

It might just be the best video game iteration of a movie thus far, and sales are definitely rewarding a stellar effort from Rocksteady Studios. When reviews of Batman's latest war against the Joker surfaced, it was nothing short of magnificent. From IGN to Gamespot, all were hailing Batman: Arkham Asylum as the best installment of the series yet. In fact, many have placed their bets, proclaiming it as a solid Game Of The Year contender.

Win or lose, none would deny the greatness of this rear gem. In what is often a rushed out effort by studios so that games based on Hollywood flicks could be released at the same time the movie does, Batman: Arkham Asylum stands as a testament to developers and publishers alike. What's the lesson? Don't rush out the games; you'll only be rewarded with major fail.

According to gamespot, Eidos, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum has enjoyed all sorts of success, both critical and commercial. From since its launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the game has managed to ship over 2.5million copies globally. And although the pace has slowed a bit, bats continue to fly off store shelves at an impressive rate. Good for them. And for we the gamers, because this means we'll be assured a sequel. Right?

09/22/09 Ernice Gilbert

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