Tuesday, September 22

Stop the Whinning. At Amazon, Halo ODST is 51 Bucks

It's true, an extension to Halo 3, (which is basically what Halo 3: ODST is, albeit a great one) should not cost the faithful Halo fans a staggering $60.00. And I agree completely, but why complain? At amazon, the game's only $50.99. Yes that's 9 bucks in your pocket you can put towards Forza 3, or maybe even Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, (that's assuming you own a PS3).

Gamers and critics alike have blasted Microsoft, claiming that the Redmond company was reaping off its loyal base by charging so much for an extension pack, with some game reviewers slashing marks off the overall game score because of the hefty price tag. Well complain no more, cause amazon's got you covered. And to think all it took was a little shopping around. Why you lazy gamer you.

09/22/09 Ernice Gilbert

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