Thursday, September 24

Nintendo sees 50 million Americans owning Wii before this Gen is out

In what seems like a media blitz from Nintendo to promote its long rumored Wii price cut, the company's President Reggie Fils-Aime went to different news outlets talking up the revolutionary product, and how the new price point adds more value than any console available on the market. Apart from the Wii being cheaper, Reggie stated that they were not responding to recent moves made by their competitors Sony or Microsoft, but rather its growth mission.

But what's interesting is the numbers Nintendo's expecting the Wii to reach in the U.S. In short, it's nothing less than outstanding, that is, if they can pull it off. Mr. Fils-Aime said, "Since the launch of Wii our goal has been to expand the gaming population and get more consumers into the industry that we love. While we have sold more Wiis (over 21 million in th US and more than 50 million worldwide) than any other console after 34 months, and over 100 million DS systems, we think there is still significant opportunity to get more consumers into gaming. Just here in the US we think that opportunity is minimally 50 million consumers in U.S., by continuing to offer more and more value."

So there you have it, Nintendo's president sees you owning a Wii sometime in the future; whether you like it or not, it'll happen. Start saving.

09/25/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. There's no way Nintendo will sell 50 million units in the US. Ha! talk about heady.

    The thing has already lost its appeal

  2. Remember when sony and MS claimed motion control was a party trick, a gimmick.

    does more need to be said?

  3. And it still is a gimmick... just one that many people seem to enjoy.

  4. Lol thats kinda harsh cos a few of the games are respectable if not amazing like galaxy for example but yet at its heart, without motion plus was nothing but a gimmick and it was intended to be like that. Nintendo wasnt sure of there strategy and punished the core gamer because of it. Lucky for us tho, they might just come back with a BIG bang before releasing there next console. 2010 marks an new era of True first party development for us gamers on the Wii. Wiicore is gonna be Sweet!! Big up the wand ting too.