Friday, September 25

PS3 sells 1million units in three weeks

Sony has launched are new ad campaign in North America, Europe and Japan, the theme of the ad blitz is, 'it only does everything,' referring to the PS3. I'm not sure about everything but it certainly knows how to sell. While giving the keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show this week, Playstation Boss Kaz Hirai said, the PS3 Slim has sold 1million copies in just three weeks. Now that's just impressive.

On September 1st 2009, Sony essentially relaunched its flagship console, with a new slimmer look, and most significantly, a slimmer price tag of $299. Ever since, gamers the world over have been purchasing the black behemoth at an fascinatingly fast pace. Things are going so good that, SCEA boss Jack Tretton warned of shortages at some retail outlets if demand remains at current levels.

Shortages or not, this must be good news for Sony execs who've been the recipients of endless negative stories concerning their leadership. Good riddance. By the look of things, the Sony brand has regained its swagger. Swag on then, just don't get too heady.

09/25/09 Ernice Gilbert

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