Wednesday, October 14

Kojima: Peace Walker Will Make You Buy PSP

If there's anyone who should be taken seriously when he speaks it's Hideo Kojima; the man is a legend in his own rights, accomplishing what only few have in the gaming industry. Now he's teasing something that, according to him will make you go out and purchase a PSP.

I have no clue what it might be but I'll be taking some guesses after the interview. Here's Kojima talking to Japanese magazine Famitsu:

"I'm putting everything I want to do on a portable console into this game," Kojima said. "I haven't announced this yet, but there's another feature here that will surprise people, to the point that they will want to go out and buy a PSP right now!"

Okay, here are my efforts:

1. Snake singing a song (Snake Eater).

2. Feature giving you access to special items (guns) in Metal Gear Solid: Rising

3. It'll inject your PSP with nanomachines that'll build you a second analog? (I ripped this one off, too hilarious!)

And there you have it, those are my (minus one) guesses, now it's your turn. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be available for Sony's handheld sometime in 2010.

Source 1up

10/14/09 Ernice Gilbert

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