Friday, October 9

Sony says PSPgo/PSP sales triple at some retailers

The all digital PSPgo is now available in a store near you, well some stores at least, as a few retailers refused to sell the handheld, claiming they saw no way they could make a profit from it. Although our poll is saying something different, it seems Sony's latest version of their portable device is a hit, with sales up as much as 300% at some retailers.

According to Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications and Social Media for SCEA, " It's [PSPgo] had a very positive impact," he said.

Seybold voiced that the launch of the PSPgo has generated "significant increase in revenue for the Playstation Network, driven by a 200% jump in PSP game downloads purchased from Playstation store," North Amerca.

While Sony refused to give specific numbers, they were optimistic about growth.

"With several blockbuster games launching digitally and on UMD in the coming weeks ~ from LittleBigPlanet to Assassin's Creed Bloodlines," Seybold said, "We expect this momentum to continue and look forward to a strong holiday season for both PSPgo and PSP-3000."

10/09/09 Ernice Gilbert

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