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Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games From Now through 2010

PS3 fans have been enlightened by the list we compiled with the top 10 PS3 exclusives from now through March of 2010, hailing Sony's lineup as second to none for the holidays into next year. Not to be outdone, Microsoft's lineup is nothing to scoff at.

Consoles don't sell games, games sell consoles. The Redmond Giant knows this and therefore, positioned itself to be leading the sales charts in both hardware and software for the holidays, and through all of 2010. The only way to achieve this victory, is by proving to the consumers that its offerings are better than that of Sony, Microsoft's closest competitor in the gaming industry. Let's see if the top 10 Xbox 360 exclusives can stand against PS3's stellar lineup.

Note: Some of the games listed here as Xbox 360 exclusives are also on PC, however we're solely talking about gaming consoles, and you won't find none of what we're about to list on any other console but Microsoft's. And with that, we proceed.

1) Mass Effect 2 ~ It has been a roller coaster ride with this title. EA has gone back on fourth with seemingly no way to make up their minds on whether Mass Effect 2 should remain exclusive to the Xbox 360, or go multiplatform. Recently, Bioware's Watamaniuk mentioned during a presentation that as much as three platforms were targets for Mass Effect 2, namely the Xbox 360, PC, and "probably PS3." If that is not a confirmation, then nothing else is right? Well the only problem is, today EA clarified the "misunderstanding," stating, "Let me clarify today: ME2 is coming to PC and Xbox 360 only." A release date was later announced, mark your calenders for January 2010.

2) Alan Wake ~ In a recent interview managing director for Remedy Entertainment said Alan Wake has been in development for 5 years, and they could release the game anytime. The highly anticipated title holds a lot of promise; here's to hoping it's able to deliver. The game will be available Q2 2010.

3) Halo 3: ODST ~ It's now the third fastest selling Xbox 360 title of all time and has sold over 2.5 million copies in two weeks. Those are outstanding numbers, and while some have complained about the game being an extension pack, millions of satisfied Halo enthusiasts are enjoying the title as we speak. Halo 3: ODST is available now, go pick it up if you haven't already.

4) Forza Motorsport 3 ~ The biggest exclusive racing sim on the Xbox 360 is also one of the best titles on any platform. Game reviewers have given Forza 3 nothing but high marks across the board and believe me, it's well deserved. The title will be available October 27th, 2009.

5) Gears of War 3 ~ No announcement yet on this one, and some may argue saying it should not be on this list, since Epic said the next Gears won't be released until the next generation. However, recent comments have been hinting to the opposite, and it would not be a surprise if this title sees the light of day at the end of 2010. I'm Keeping my fingers crossed, you do the same.

6) Fable III ~ This, the third Fable title for the Xbox 360 is extremely promising. With huge worlds to explore, tons of awesome details, lots of different quest types, enhancing graphics and moving music, extremely funny, the conclusion must be, Fable III, although not released yet, but when it does, the game will be one of the best to grace not only the Xbox 360, but any other gaming platform. Look for it Q4 2010.

7) Left 4 Dead 2 ~ Not many other titles have caused such a stir in the gaming community. The title also has very loyal fanbase that closely follow its progress. It's also a very successful franchise for Gabe Newell and his team. Play it later this year.

8) Splinter Cell: Conviction: Hands down one of the most anticipated Xbox 360 exclusives. Some have compared the game to the venerable Metal Gear Solid franchise, and while I would not so far, I would say the title, like Metal Gear Solid, has redefined it's genre, being in fact the best stealth/action game on any system.

9) Crackdown 2 ~ The criminal destroying sanbox game made waves when it first came on the scene, so obviously fans the world over have been impatiently awaiting any tidbit of info that comes along. Look for it some time in 2010.

10) GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony ~ It's DLC, but exclusive, really long DLC nonetheless, so expect fans of the long running, best selling title to get all over this one when it's released on October 29th of this year.

And there you have it folks, the list of exclusive Xbox 360 titles Microsoft is hoping will give them the edge for the rest of this year into all of 2010. Question is, compared to Sony's lineup, does Microsoft stand a chance? You be the judge.

10/17/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. Darn it men, that's a nice list! Great Job!

  2. I'll only be getting three:

    Mass Effect (Exclusive baby!)

    Alan Wake

    Splinter Cell: Conviction

  3. wow, only 1 new game in the entire list.

  4. You forgot to mention Halo:Reach

  5. You're right! Halo Reach is definitely a must have for fans of the franchise.

  6. Nice job mentioning Gears 3 over Halo: Reach.

    At least that game is confirmed.

  7. 2 of those on the list will be coming to pc so there not exclusive. So that makes this line up pretty weak.

  8. lol.. 2 out of 10 AREN'T 360 exclusive so the list is apparently pretty weak with 8 strong games instead of 10... People are too fucking retarded to speak aloud. Go crawl back in your hole

  9. That list is alright but nothing really compared to the PS3's. Uncharted 2, Demons Souls, GoW 3, GT5, MAG, R&C:ACiT, Eye Pet, Heavy Rain, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, GoW Collection, FF XIII (in Japan), FF XIII Vs., FF XIV, The Agency, Free Realms, The Last Guardian, Mod Nation Racers, White Knight Chronicles, and more.... The list is HUGE for the sometimes having 2 exclusives releasing in the same month.

  10. damn looks like 360 owners dont have much good games to play. a few are for PC anyway and i suspect at least one of those will come to ps3 in the future.

  11. i have a capable pc a ps3 and a 360. I bought the ps3 day one, i bought the 360 about a year later, i own 5 games for my 360, not a fan of halo, i would rather play TF2 over anything as far as shooters go. PC is my mainstay, PS3 i bought because i knew it would have alot of true exclusives i could not play on my PC. And my Xbox doesnt even seen to be a capable media server when working with i dont use it at all anymore....also i refuse to pay 60$ a year for internet matchmaking. Steam is FAR better than MS Live ever thought of being...and L4D & L4D2 and both PC exclusives if you are going to consider them exclusive to anything...what your getting is a nice port of a PC game. Have fun paying for your DLC and never experiencing great game based mods fanboys.

  12. Anon @ 3:11pm: Let's keep it clean. No indecent language will be tolerated on this website.

    Thanks for respecting the rules.

  13. El Presidente is not pleased you didn't mention Tropico 3, console exclusive for Xbox 360 in 2010! How many city building sims does the PS3 have?

  14. It's hilarious how you ran out of games and had to put DLC on the list. That's a pathetic lineup.

    Not to mentioned it has already been stated that Gears 3 isn't coming this generation. Epic are working on their next engine for the next gen. You will hear about it coming because Epic will run a campaign of their usual bullshots.

    It is also hilarious how the top game on the list isn't even exclusive. Bioware themselves let it slip at a conference that PS3 is getting Mass Effect 2. EAs own website linked a PS3 version. Of course it is hush hush at the moment, because Microsoft are known to pay for timed exclusives... since they don't have many true exclusives. It's sad really.

    You also listed a bunch of games that will be on the PC, I don't think you understand what it means to be exclusive. If you can play it anywhere else, it isn't exclusive.

    Sorry xbots, you have no games.

  15. "How many city building sims does the PS3 have?"

    I hope none, that would be incredibly boring.

  16. P.S. Thanks for beta testing another game bots! I'm sure Mass Effect 2 will be bug free on the PS3, thanks to you bots acting as our guenie pigs.

    Also thanks for wasting 50 million on DLC Microshaft! You have funded the exclusive development of a few Rockstar PS3 only games with that money! hahahahahahhahaa

  17. half of those aren't xbox 360 exclusive games? if it comes out for pc as well that means its not exclusive, imagine that

  18. Look out for the brand new website coming soon:

  19. I like your list. Reminds me that my Xbox 360 still is alive and kicking, contrary to what some fanboys would want me to believe.

    Thanks Gamesthirst!

  20. what about halo reach? thats 2010?

  21. it seems that my previous comment was deleted so let me ask the question again:

    if you call "exclusives" to games that come out on 360 and PC then what do you call games that ONLY come out on 360 like Fable 2 or Forza 3? real exclusives?

    if you can play it without a 360 then it´s not exclusive, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead 2 and Splinter Cell are coming out on PC so they´re NOT exclusive

  22. 'Through to march' and yet games scheduled long after make the list?????

    Fable 3??? not due til end of 2010 with natal. Crackdown 2, also not confirmed for march. Most likely date will be later in the year.

    Why does the list rely on a totally unconfirmed title like Gears 3, is it THAT bad for 360? even IF it were coming, (massive IF) would it be before march??? course not!!

    Dark days indeed

  23. Mass Effect 2 WILL be on PS3 wether people want to admit it or not.

    Alan Wake was supposed to come out 5 years ago.

    Halo 3: ODST only lasts for 5 minutes.

    Gears Of War 3 will not be out before March.

    Neither will Fable 3 (If it comes out AT ALL).

    GTA: IV - The Ballad Of Gay Tony is not a game - it's an expansion pack.

    More than half this list is irrelevant - i'll be honest. It looks like Microsoft are getting desperate.

  24. ps3 exclusives rule!

  25. The PS3 list from the responses is hilariously padded with junk titles.

    Eye Pet(eye toy crap)? Mod Nation Racers(weaksauce, you guys would laugh at this if it were a 360 exclusive)? God of War Collection (ooh! retreads!)? Sigma 2(a modded port of a 360 game)? Lol.

    Agent is nothing but a LOGO and theme right now. Exclusive Rockstar 70's spy thing!

    FF XIII is exclusive in Japan so it's a PS3 exclusive? Like Ghostbusters in Europe, AMIRITE? Lol.

    Free Realms is mainly for PC so if we can't count games also on PC that one's out, as is FF XIV.

    'And more?' Nobody gets to put 'and more' on a top ten list and have it taken seriously.

    Exclusives aren't that big of a deal once you own a console anyway and find yourself mostly buying thrid party titels. They aren't important at all once you own all three consoles like I do.

  26. The ballad of Gay Tony is a stand alone expansion that runs without the main game, it's fairly long, and if coems with Lost adn the damned which is also fairly long so yeah it pretty much counts as an exclusive game, just like ODST does. Saying that Halo ODST only last five minutes is just worthless bitter noise. Come up with a real argument against it if you can.

    Gears of War 3 has not even been announced so should not be on a 2010 list unless the author has some eally juicy information he can't share. Supposedly Epic is mainly working on a survival-horror themed game right now.

    Fable III will probably be a holiday release if it hits in 2010 but I have not heard it being given a date. All I know is that it apparently is about becoming king and then ruinnging the country and that it may involve Natal in a big way or not depending on what Molyneux says from day to day.

    Agent for the PS3 also has not been given a date at this time.

  27. SONY fans to order it to ME2 to work with PS3. It need the oringal game. Becoues imports your saved from the last one. It will look for it. And it not there. You will not have as stong character then us XBOX fans.

  28. see this is the problem with the 360, its exclusives are so little and mostly at the same time.
    i bought a 360 for NG2 and had nothing to play till gears 2.
    since gears 2 came out till now i have not turned my 360 on once, not once.
    only reason i was keeping it was for splinter cell, but thats not till next year.
    think i should sell my 360 and get a PSP.
    the psp has more exclusives out this year than the 360, now thats sad.

  29. Don't forget:

    - Ninety Nine Nights 2
    - Kingdom Under Fire 2
    - Halo Reach
    - Natal (and all it's lineup of games)

    Plus I expect something from Tokyo Vikings (Itagaki) and Mistwalker.

    Yes, it's an awesome release list.

  30. Everybody needs to grow up for a second, I never see people fighting over who has the best refrigerator?? the 360 list is padded as was the PS3 list..why can't we just play the games and enjoy it. I have both a 360 and a PS3, I honestly play my 360 more because I love Live, but I game on both..thats what Gamers do, the Game...Women Argue, grow up please, you sound like kids

  31. The question is, especially for the #1 360 fans with their out-of-warranty launchconsoles...during which of these games will I get my FRRoD (F for Final), and for which games do I need to buy another console?

  32. I'm still laughing my ass of at the guy who "Tried" to respond to my statement where i criticized the length of Halo 3: ODST.

    All he said was "Worthless bitter noise." without even telling me why that was so. Then he asked ME to come up with a PROPER argument - ROFL!

    Self - ownage at it's finest.....evidently i got under his skin.

    Also - The Ballad Of Gay Tony is NOT a full game - go and ask Rockstar themselves if you don't believe me - moron.

  33. To Anon @ 6:24pm: Yes, your comment was deleted by mistake. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

  34. I think it's a decent list David, you probably can play some of these games on your PC, but GamesThirst clearly notes that the list is referring to "Console" exclusives.

    Either ways, I don't think PS3 fans can say so much about the 360 not having games.

    This excellent list just through all that out the window. Where's Halo Reach?

  35. There are two games on my must buy list for the 360 - The GTA:Episodes of Liberty City (on disc) and Gears Of War 3.My PS3 wish list is much much longer though...and almost no games for my Wii this holiday or the next year.

  36. i really dont care about exclusives but i will buy these games for sure:

    Halo:ODST ( yep i havent got it )
    Modernwarfare 2
    Assassins creed 2
    Bioshock 2
    Alan wake
    Crackdown 2
    Max payne 3
    Splinter cell conviction

    Damn my wallet is going to cry and hurt A LOT

  37. Great list! Buying me a 360 next month ").

  38. I dont know why people keep putting up ODST as a "game", its just a standalone overpriced expansion pack, a lot like GTA Ballad of Gay Tony.

  39. LOL - who says PS3 fans can't talk about 360 not having games??? We're not in early 2007 anymore - get with the program!

    This website already put up a list of PS3 exclusives and it was so chock - full they had to leave some out - that list was ONLY covering games between now and MARCH!

    This 360 list is so short they had to fill it out by adding games that may not come out for another 2 years, half - baked expansion packs and some games (ME2) that aren't even EXCLUSIVE.

    I think it's clear to everyone which console "Has no games." and it's not the Wii.

  40. That list sucks. Gears 3 hasn been announced, Gay Tony is DLC for crying out loud, Splinter Cell/ Mass Effect 2/ Alan Wake/ Left4Dead 2 are on PC. What does that leave? Fable 3/ Forza 3/ Crackdown 2 and Halo 3 ODST.

  41. Well the list was compiled in a good manner. But it should include the giant releases coming in 2010. And also much games for XBOX will be a revolution.

    24 x 7 Support || Fastest Downloads || Game Servers || Fixed Plans || XBOX 360

  42. Sigh.. if you have a time to make fun for PS3 games.. why don't you earn little more money and get PS3?

  43. Ps3 is better it's going to have mag uncharted 2 god of war 1,2,and 3 infamous 2 modnation heavy rain and many more. Xbox only has halo which has a crapy story mode and halo 3 odst is bad because it has a 4 hot story mode and the same online as halo 3 and gears of wars online lags badly. And crackdown 2 won't even be good.

  44. yeah lisz mi jaja !

  45. This game is the same exact thing as it's predecessor but it lacks the customization with the different kinds of armor and lacks any and all originality. Lionhead must have been extremely lazy with this one, I'm just glad GameStop bought it from me.

  46. yeah ps3 have a lot of exclusives, but they all suck. the only one that stands out will be God of War 3.

  47. ALL YOU PS3 Fanboys who thought youd get ME2 are total idiots. Why the hell would bioware give the second one to the ps3 while its a follow up to a great game that was exclusive the 360 and pc. When someone says " exclusive" they usually mean its not coming out on the other console. Anyone who said that Gears 3 is coming out for the ps3 are total psychos. Fable 3 is an exclusive only to 360. So far you PS3 fanboy predictions are nothing but crap.

  48. Exclusive to the Xbox means exclusive to Microsoft. almost every computer runs on Microsoft vista of 7 so yea they're exclusives

  49. No good games have really ever came from japan