Saturday, November 14

Alan Wake will keep you awake in May 2010

Alan Wake has been in production for five years according to the developers of the game, and now, according to MCV you'll be playing the title in May of 2010. Finally it seems the wait is almost over.

According to the website's source, said title will receive a Hollywood-movie-style promotion and will be released globally late in the month.

The game's about a writer who's wife disappeared and he embarks on the frighteningly dangerous adventure to find her.

Xbox 360 fans have been anxiously awaiting Alan Wake and with good reason; the title looks very promising. According to Remedy which developed the game, they could've have released the title any time of their choosing, but they wanted to make sure that a title which has been in development for so long, delivers on all fronts. A sentiment I tend to agree with. If you're going to do something, then by all means do it good, great even. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

11/14/09 Ernice Gilbert

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