Saturday, November 14

Heavy Rain producer adds his two cents on MW2 controversy

The game you're most likely playing right now is causing quite a stir outside the gaming world. As we reported, Fox Noise News had to lend their lips to the controversy and now Russia has banned the game because of the "No Russian" airport scene.

So you can imagine what's going through devs minds throughout this industry; some must be thinking about the implications of said issue and what it means for the games they develop in the future. Well Quantic Dream's Guillaume de Fondaumiere think it's ridiculous that games get treated this way.

"My take is very simple. I don't see any reason why video games should be treated differently than movies, for instance," he told MTV. "I think that we should leave game creators free of expressing their vision as they see fit. I think the guys at Infinity Ward had something very precise in mind when they did the scene.

"The real danger for me is, when you put out such a scene out of context. I can take any movie and take a sequence and make up a story and it will look like something that's amoral or that crosses the line. This is most of the times what happens in video games [in the media].

Well put Mr. Fondaumiere, well put.

Get more up there.

11/14/09 Ernice Gilbert

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