Tuesday, November 10

Is Batman Arkham Asylum being overlooked for GOTY?

Batman AA was an excellent game, sure it had it's issues but what game doesn't? Over the past month Uncharted 2 was released and just today the golden cow Modern Warfare 2 burst onto the scene. Both of these games are in the discussion for goty right now, but doesn't Batman deserve some mention?

The title shouldn't be left out of the conversation, in fact more people should jump on the bandwagon to encourage developers like Rocksteady to take chances on new ideas and games. When this game dropped pretty much all the main stream gaming publications gave it 9's or better. This title alone revolutionized what a "super hero" game should feel and play like. There has not been a better portrayal of the Dark Knight in all his splendor taking out the Joker and his henchmen along with a few super villains on the way. Once the game is over you then have a gang of challenge rooms to beat.

On the Ps3 side of things you also have a chance to get down with the Clown Prince and beat up prison guards and even Commissioner Gordon himself. Batman actually brought something new to the table instead of just a graphics face lift with a few extra modes on something that was already a high quality product. Batman games starting on the NES all the way up to previous generations have been pure garbage; this version is like a reboot for the Batman series. Isn't that what a game of the year nominee should do for you?

11/10/09 Philip Crowe

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