Sunday, November 8

MWII-Have we all been duped?

With just 36hrs left until the Midnight release of MWII, the Internet is swarming with reports of early release copies in the US Northeast( link )and yet more controversy surrounding this title. The question here is are we all being duped? If this truly is supposed to be the game everyone is anticipating, then why so much controversy? It seems to me that Activision is going out of its way to keep this game in the news regardless of negativity. There is the old saying "any publicity is good publicity" meaning if you keep it on their minds people will run out and buy it.

So is this all just coincidence or has the Activision marketing juggernaut been behind it all from the beginning, just to create a massive viral marketing campaign at the expense of naive journalist? There has been less news about how good the game is, than the controversy surrounding different aspects of the title. You see everything ranging from petitions disputing the $100+ price in some countries, to controversial Missions (see Colton West's thoughts here on Gamethirst soon), to pirating, and early release copies of the game. Through all this I found when doing a google search on "Modern Warfare 2 Review" you get a bunch of Headers stating review, but no actual reviews. Seems suspicious that one of the biggest releases this year and with just 36hrs to go before launch there are hardly any reviews, yet record pre-order reports from Gamestop and other retailers.

Don't get me wrong, I too thought the original game was great but the lack of reviews for this title makes it seem like we are getting a bunch of the same at a higher price. If I am right in my speculation, than you got to give it to Activision, they sure have managed to make several negatives into a major cash generating positive for their stock holders. Lets just hope that despite the possibly self generated controversy, the guys at IW still manage to give us a great game.

11/08/09 David Allison

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