Sunday, November 8

Sony made great strides with GOW I&II updates

Man has Sony done a 180 in marketing or what? After an abysmal launch of the Playstation 3 and 3yrs of struggling to get any traction, they've completely turned things around with the launch of PS3 slim and a great new comedy driven add campaign. Then they go and announce that not only are they going to give us God of War 3 in March of 2010, but before that they will giving us the first 2 games in remastered HD goodness.

After checking out the new gameplay vid in HD from the first two God of War titles, excitement ensues. I cant help but think this is what David Jaffe's origianl vision of the series was meant to be. Hit the
link to check out the vid from This is pure marketing genius from the folks at Sony, but also a great service to gamers everywhere. On Nov. 17th PS3 owners will get a chance to experience the first 2 games in the series all over again in full HD. Check back soon for the Reloaded Review of the God of War Collection here at GameThirst.

11/08/09 David Allison


  1. indeed, now let's just hope other devs will follow suit and re-releases some big PS2 games on Blu-ray PS3

  2. I personally don't think many other should be allowed to do this. The only other 2 that were epic and artistic enough to warrant a full PS3 upgrade like GoW1&2 is ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. And it's pretty much already been confirmed that they WILL be doing so.

    The only other games that MAYBE it's arguable a PS3 upgrade is warranted is Final Fantasy 10 and 12, but to be honest, idk. Especially with FF13 not being exclusive, I don't know that Sony would or should bother to allow that.

  3. I think they need to do Cold Fear, The Suffering Series, and Urban Chaos.

  4. I would love an ICO/SotC pack before they release Last Guardian.

    Those games still look stunning today. Imagine what they would be like in HD!

  5. I would buy a remastered Onimusha series.

  6. They don't need to do an HD update, but I'd love to have MGS2&3 playable on my ps3.

  7. in the US maybe but not here down under.
    almost everything available in the US is not available here.
    im seriously starting to get sick of this exclusive to US BS.
    but thats not enough we have to pay double what the US is paying.
    but thats STILL not enough we have to wait weeks if not months longer than the US.
    im starting to wonder why i spent 1K on my launch ps3, i really am.

  8. ^Because the US is awesome. So move or quit crying!

  9. There's a few of the classic series that would work...Some should be bundle with the PS3 version as a value-add...

    Gran Turismo, Rachet & Clank, Tony Hawk3, GTA, DMC, Burnout, Blaok...

  10. Bring back soulreaver series...HD!

  11. Don't forget that you'll be getting a GoD OF War III Demo as well, and there has been some rumors stating that the Demo Is Different from the one seen at E3, again it's Only A RUMOR.