Monday, December 7

Breaking: Quantum Theory is no longer a PS3 exclusive, headed to Xbox 360

Ever since we've known about this title, there was only one platform that Tecmo, the games develper said it would come to and that's the PS3. Well now they've eaten their own words. According to GamingUnion, "Quantum Theory will also be available on the 360 in North America and Europe." The game somewhat looks like Gears of War, and what we've seen thus far would indicate that the accusations are on par. However Tecmo would not be the first company to make a game that's similar to others before it. Think Dante's Inferno, that game is just like the God of War franchise.

This news is big indeed, another exclusive title Microsoft has seemingly snatched under Sony's nose making the software giant's 2010 lineup even more attractive that it already is. I'm not surprised one bit by this though, because third party exclusives are going the way of the dinosaur. Think about it. There are about 30 plus million Xbox 360s in the wild and about 27 million PS3s, if you're third party development studio, why would you neglect 30 million potential customers? Exactly my point. Disappointing to Sony fans, but nothing overly surprising at all.

The game will be out sometime next spring and as more details surfaces, we'll be sure to inform you.

12/07/09 Ernice Gilbert

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