Tuesday, December 22

Greenberg: "2010 Will Be A Bigger Year [For Xbox 360] Than 2009, No Doubt"

Many journalists have concluded that 2009 was not a stellar year for Xbox 360, in fact it has been deemed as the worst since Microsoft launched the console in 2005. Greenberg would not agree that 2009 was the worst, but he reckons 2010 will beat out last year by miles, "no doubt."

Talking up the Xbox 360's success against PS3's by comparing NPD November 2009 software sales side-by-side, Major Nelson said: "Assassin's Creed II on 360 roughly almost 2-1 PS3, you have Left 4 Dead 2, there's a bunch of 360 stuff on the top 10, we've got 1, 2, 3, 4 titles. Modern Warfare 2 at the top, Assassin's Creed II came in 4th, Left 4 Dead 2 came in 5th and Dragon Age on 360 came in 9th - that's a pretty good month," Major said.

Aaron Greenberg followed with some numbers and analysis of his own: "I think what a lot of people don't realize is that it's not just about selling hardware, it's also about the total ecosystem and we drove more consumer spending for the month than the Wii or the PS3," he said, "so if you look at consumers dollars on hardware, software, accessories - we have more dollars spent on our platform than any other platform - that's a really big indicator," he continued.

"The second piece is for third party partners, how did they do? - if you look at third party software sales: EA, Activision, Ubisoft, these guys, they sold more games on the Xbox 360 than the Wii and the PS3 combined (laughter and amazement in the studio). So it was a huge month, really really great results and I think it just solidifies what we think will be a banner year for us.

He went on to predict what 2010 will be like for Xbox 360: "Heading into what I think 2010, I mean you always say wow! great year, great year - 2010, hands down will be a bigger year than 2009 I have no doubt."

And there you have it, if you own an Xbox 360 then have no fear, because according to the execs, there'll be no lack on content for you to spend cash on. Here's the question, compared to PS3 do you think Xbox 360 can compete next year in the exclusive department? Let us know in the comments below.

12/22/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. 2010 is really looking good for the Xbox 360, so many good exclusives are coming!

  2. If 2010 fails at being better for Xbox 360 than 2009, I'll Burn My system with Fire and Holy Water!

    But I have a feeling there'll be no need to..

  3. It will be much better than 2009. Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Crackdown 2, Splinter Cell, new Project Gotham racer, new Rare games. Too Human 2 could come out and a new game by the makers of Gears of War could debut as well. Plus NATAL could really turn the tide for them. Or it could be a major failure. Needless to say I am very optimistic for Nintendo and Sony as well as Microsoft. Great year ahead for gamers and once again and the fanboys will be speaking in riddles like always.

  4. Hardly any of those are exclusives, I am getting them on PC meaning the money goes to the developers and nothing goes to Microsoft because don't deserve to earn money from someone elses work.

  5. PS3 has better games than 360 owners are forced to buy, like the multiplats from EA lol...

    We got real games from Sonys own studios. So we buy those and buy the 3rd party stuff.

    360 is dying!!

  6. Anon above me, you are right and the votes on this site prove it.

    More people here are voting Uncharted 2 as game of the year, much more than MW2.

    No wonder 360 outsold on MW2 than PS3, PS3 owners appear to buying Sonys games instead.

  7. well we have got Heavy Rain,MAG,God of War3,The Last Guardian,The Agent and wait the list of exclusives releasing in 2010 is not yet over.PS3 FTW

  8. Recently Gamesthirst has become more biased towards the 360 for some reason. Before it used to be quite balanced but now all you see is 360 this 360 that. And of course the PS3 can compete with the 360, you don't need to ask that. What you can ask instead is "2010 will be a great year for BOTH consoles, what are you guys most interested in?".

  9. The person that made this comment
    "Anonymous said...
    Anon above me, you are right and the votes on this site prove it.
    More people here are voting Uncharted 2 as game of the year, much more than MW2.
    No wonder 360 outsold on MW2 than PS3, PS3 owners appear to buying Sonys games instead"

    If more Sony people are buying Sony games, how come uncharted didn't even register in the top 10 NPD's for November?

    How come all the HYPE for LBP has vanished, according to you SONY fanboys it was going to revolutionize gaming.

    And the same applies to KZ2 and Infamous, look how long it took those games to sell a million copies, they're not even blips on the radar wheen gaming types talk about games.

  10. @ Sash, I think you're mistaken. GamesThirst has always been and always will be unbiased.

    Our articles and new pieces prove exactly that. Now you might have seen a few more Xbox 360 articles because probably you missed some PS3 ones?

    A quick search through the site and you'll notice what I'm talking about.

    Note: January 1st, 2010 is quickly approaching and that's when the official website goes live and the blog abandoned.

    www.gamesthirst.com will soon be your new home.

    In the meantime here is our abode and we are very grateful to everyone who's made it a success. Thanks!

    Ernice Gilbert
    President/Editor-In-Chief of GamesThirst.com

  11. You guys had to turn a simple news piece into a fanboy war; sigh.

    What the hec are you ages! MERCY!!!!!!!

  12. OK first of all who's the moron in the comments section that said hype for LBP is fading away? Looks like someone needs to pay attention. Media Molecule have been constantly updating the game by adding new features such as the MGS level pack and the POTC level pack. At any given time there are tens of thousands of people playing LBP online, does that sound like a game that's fading away? What a dumbass, fanboys are getting stupider by the day.

    Anyway, on to the article. The Xbox 360 does have some killer exclusives lined up for next year but there's no way it can compete with the PS3's lineup. Heavy Rain, MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 (Japan), God Of War Collection (EU), God Of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 and that's only the first half of the year.

    Of course, a lot of Microsoft's hope for 2010 rests on Project Natal and nobody knows how that's going to turn out. It could be one of the most amazing inventions of all time or it could be a complete disaster......we'll just have to wait and see.

  13. I think that the PS3 will win because if u look at the lineup then u will see that microsoft is doing nothing but putting out old games and rushing out game not ready for the market

  14. simple question, lets look at what we know. we know that the xbox has about 4 exclusives coming next year plus natal games. that halo reach, alans wake( if it comes), mass effect(if it stays exclusive)splinter cell if it stays ,fable 3, crackdown 2,mech assault, project gotham and too human 2. now lets look at sonys list what we know.
    mag, white knight,god of war, ff14, modnation, gran turismo, agent , heavy rain, last guardian, dc universe , 3 dot ,yakuza 3, the agency, last rebellion, eyepet and there's more some of these may get pushed but there are unnanounced titles for 2010 plus motion control, games.if im missing any 360 exclusive sorrybut the list is clear. 360 has great games but they cant compete with sony's close to 20 american studios

  15. The weird thing is, Sony's confirmed all released for the first quarter. Microsoft has confirmed all releases for the first half. Sony's looks much better in half the time.

  16. Only game worth getting is Alan Wake and maybe Halo Reach. Mass effect 2 is also on the Pc and Crackdown 2 and Fable 3 are just not interesting enough.

  17. well i certainly hope so this year was the worst year for a console in history!
    the only worthwile game getting was GTA liberty city stories, another DLC.
    M$ sure loves paying for that DLC dont they?
    hey, M$ heres a idea, save that 50M you spent on GTA and put it towards a decent new IP and a advanced game engine.
    every single bloody 360 exclusive either runs on unreal tournament 3 or old engines upgraded for HD like halos engine.
    though im really looking forwared to crackdown 2, but one game is no where near enough for me to buy a new 360.
    sold my old one 3 weeks ago because theres nothing to play on it and got a PSP.
    free games FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ok can we please stop saying that if the game on the PC and 360 it not a exclusive to the 360. I don't see the Pc as a console. I know exclusives are important to a console but it not the only thing to judge a system by. I just want fun games. I don't care if which system it is on. I have a 360(will get a PS3 soon) and i been happy with the games on the system. There are a few games I want to play on the PS3. Both have their ups and down on both system

  19. 90% of all 360 owners are what, maybe 15 They dont have to work, so there for they can sit at home all day long and play video games, they get the mommy and daddy to buy the game, because well they cann't buy a adult type games. Then some of you moneysoft bitchs are saying that ps3 owners arent buying games like uncharted 2. XOBX 360 rules..... NOT. It sucks just like the xbox and the next crap box will. Iam sure there wil be another one in the next two years or so, and they will forget about the 360 just like the first xbox, and all you bitchs will go out and but another one of moneysofts little boxs