Friday, October 23

Thirsty Conversations: War of the top 10s edition

We've been creating top ten lists for a while now, see one here, and another there.

Yesterday however, things got a bit hot, we posted an article titled: "Top 10 PS3 exclusives Xbox 360 owners would die for" and we received the most comments ever posted on that article than any other in the past.

To add to the fuel, after Gaminbolt responded to our piece by compiling a top 8 list of their own, namely: "Top 8 Xbox 360 exclusives PS3 owners would die for." Yes they took the same title but that's okay, after all, it's a response.

Gamers from across the world shared their thoughts, and then came the occasional troll we had to eliminate, but all in all it was an extremely involving debate. But no, it's not over at all; you can continue debating here, The Official GamesThirst Talk Zone.

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